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SEO and KeywordsSEO includes rank reports, headlines and more.

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Phrases Searched

Getting ranked for valuable phrases is key. You want to target phrases that are searched. Targeting phrases that are not searched is a waste of time and money.

We can help you find phrases that are being searched in your market.

Headings act as headlines for your web pages

Phrases Targeted

The phrases targeted depend on what is being searched and how hard the market is to penetrate. Targeting a popular phrase with no results is worthless. Targeting a less popular phrase with good results is valuable.

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Competitor Analysis

We can learn a lot from your competitors' websites. Finding out what they are targeting and tracking their results can help you determine where to allocate your SEO resources.

Keep Your Site Up-To-Date

A critical element of our services includes keeping your website content up-to-date. The search engines know when and how often your site is being updated. Websites that are designed and then left alone are not given credibility for favorable rankings.

Changing Targeted Phrases

The value of targeted phrases will change over the short term and over the long term. Phrases targeting goods and services that are seasonal will have different values through the year. As industries evolve over the long term, poplular phrases will be replaced by newer ones. Your SEO targeting needs to keep up-to-date.

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We have been designing websites and managing SEO since 1999.

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Your satisfaction is our goal. The only reason you keep our services is because you want to.
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We're In For The Long Term

We want to do your SEO for the long term. SEO is continuous and needs to be managed regularly.
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