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Small businesses need customers to find them on the web. When people are looking for goods and services online, they turn to the search engines. Businesses need to be ranked in search engines to get those customers. Our SEO services help small businesses expedite the process of getting ranks that will generate desired traffic to their websites.

How a website gets ranked depends on a wide range of factors. The number of websites competing for the same phrases is a key element. They quality of the website is another major factor. And then their are hundreds of other elements that contribute to a website's rank. These are all dumped into the search engine's algorithm and the sites are listed based on the complicated calculation that is made. Noted search engines change their algorithms hundreds of times a year.

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Get Regular SEO Reports

We track the ranks of your website and provide regular reports. Over time you can track the progress of your website.
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No Contracts

We require no contracts. We are confident that you will see positive results. And when you do, you will continue to use our SEO services.
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Contact us to get a free quote. Fill out the "Get A Proposal" form below. We will reply promptly!

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Keyword Targeting

Getting ranked is easy. Getting ranked for a phrases that draws the visitor you want is not so easy.

We can show you phrases that are related to your website and give you an estimate on how often they are searched.

Target Productive Phrases

The rank of your website for a particular phrase is dependent on the actions taken by others that impact that phrase. A phrase targeted by many SEO services will be harder to get ranked then a phrase that is targeted by just a few. It's better to target a phrase that is searched by fewer individuals and get a rank that it is to target a phrase that gets many searches but doesn't get ranked.


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Content Management

Content is a key element in search engine ranking. There are many elements involved in the management of your content. They include:

  • Text
  • Headlines
  • Images
  • Image Alternate Text
  • Page Titles
  • Links

We review and help you modify the content on your website.

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Website Information

Website Rank Report

Rank reports are an important part of our SEO services for small business. They provide proof from an independent source that our services are working. The rank report we provide shows you where your site ranks for your target phrases. And it allows you to view your ranks for selected dates. You can track your ranks over time and see how much they are improving. The progress you make on various phrases will impact where you put your resources in targeting future ranks.

Track Your Competitors

We can also create rank reports for your competitors. Tracking their progress can reveal a lot of valuable information on what your competition is targeting on the web.

Our Report Allows You To:

Get a regular rank report

Get a regular rank report. See where your site ranks in the primary search engines and how often the phrase is searched. We will send them to you monthly or you can get access to them any time you want.

Check previous ranks.

Track your progress. See where your sites ranked at an earlier date when your received our services and compare it to your present rank. That will show you how well our services are working for your website.

Your can change your target phrases

Find out which phrases get significant search volume and which ones don't. Then modify your target phrases to get more desired traffic to your site. We can help you find target phrases that get regular searches.

About Us

We have been designing websites and managing SEO since 1999.

No Contracts

Satisfaction Is Key

Your satisfaction is our goal. The only reason you keep our services is because you want to.
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We're In For The Long Term

We want to do your SEO for the long term. SEO is continuous and needs to be managed regularly.
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